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What is a Ministry Apprentice?

A primary objective here at One Church is ‘developing quality leaders’. We are always looking for new ways to invest in and develop the people in our church. It is out of this heart that the position of the ‘Ministry Apprentice’ role was created. We have committed as a church to employ a new Ministry Apprentice for the next three years. The Apprentices will be working alongside our Expression Leadership Team with the idea of learning the ropes and gaining experience in a variety of areas within church life.

We asked our first Ministry Apprentice Nathan Jorden to give us his thoughts on the role so far:

I have been in the role for just over three months now, and it has been an amazing experience for me. I feel privileged to be a part of what God is doing in this church. The role so far has consisted of a variety of tasks and responsibilities, which range from studying theology right through to preaching and planning / overseeing Sunday services like our Fantastic First Sundays.

Something I have really enjoyed about this role so far is my involvement in the Expression Leadership Team meetings. Being a part of these provides me with an insight into how our leaders think, plan and agree upon where they feel God is taking the church, as well as being part of carrying out the vision.

Within this role, there is great emphasis placed on my learning and there is allocated time that allows me to learn and study. As part of this I have been accepted as an AOG probationary minister. Being a probationary minister enrols me on to a curriculum that focuses primarily on applied theology, with the overall aim of becoming a certified Assemblies of God minister. Although I am here to learn and classed as an apprentice I have been welcomed and utilised as a valued addition to the team from the very beginning.

Another aspect of my role is that I am given time to invest in and develop areas of my personal ministry. For me, this has meant being able to devote more time to grow the youth ministry of One Church and begin to make contact with our local schools and network with other youth leaders in the area. A good example of this is when we were invited into Severn Vale School to answer the question ‘Is Religion Relevant in today’s Society?’ The two sessions we did in that school were a great success and helped shed a positive light on our church and Christianity as a whole. Please follow this link to read to article that features in their website;

So to answer the question ‘What is a ministry apprentice?’, for me it’s a chance to observe and learn how our church operates, and to contribute to building God’s house in any way I can. It has given me the opportunity to pursue the call of God I feel is on my life. It’s slightly daunting yet an incredibly exciting prospect to consider the plans God has for each of us; I have experienced and learnt so much already and it’s only just the start. I can’t wait to see what will happen over the course of these next three years!