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VictorioUS – The Victory is in You


We started a new series recently looking at the Victory that we have in Christ. A phrase that is very often used in churches, but more than often is not really understood. This series is an opportunity for us to look into what the phrase actually means, and we will be doing so across the next few weeks.

This week, we looked at the Victory within us. There have been scientific studies that show what happens within our brains when we take up victorious poses, particularly, when we stand with both arms in the air. This same reaction can help us become victorious before we even begin as the chemicals help to encourage you and make you feel Victorious.

We have victory over many things, and one example of this was sin, which was described as being “a poor attempt by the Devil to steal your victory long after the final whistle has been blown.” The victory was won the day that Jesus died on the cross and 3 days later when He rose again for us. The victory that we have isn’t through affiliation, but is gained by salvation.

It was pointed out that there is a time regularly where we as church stand together in the victory pose, during our times of worship. Therefore, there must be a link between worship and the victory we have. In the bible there is a word that was used in the Hebrew called Yadah which means to shoot your arms in the air with gratitude.

When worshipping, remember that it’s not convincing yourself to believe something you’re not, but to remind you of something that you are.

Take up your victory pose and remember, in Christ, we are Victorious, it’s not just something that we are associated with or can observe- it’s in us.