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Under Construction: Potholes – Simon Jarvis


Watch out for the potholes!
On the whole, life is well balanced. But then there’s that one thing…
Today’s message is all about how to deal with life’s potholes.

Sunday Morning, 26th April 2015
Series: Under Construction – Part 3

We spent week three of our Under Construction series looking at “Dealing with Potholes”. The annoying little things that we often swerve to try to avoid, but get that wrong and you could be left with a puncture or worse. They are the small hiccups that we all have in life; with a small amount of work they’d no longer be an issue. “You don’t have to re-tarmac the whole road to deal with a pothole” but we often think that to deal with the small pothole in our life we have to change everything.

It’s so important in life that you are a person of integrity, complete integrity. It is not enough to have selective integrity, in everything but one little thing that you need to keep to yourself. However, when you live in complete integrity, you find that it brings: protection, security, guidance and hope.

Thankfully, we were equipped with the tools to fix those potholes in our lives, to live in complete integrity:

  1. Identify the problem – be honest with yourself
  2. Take responsibility – no-one else can fill your potholes for you
  3. Invite Christ into your weakness – 2 Corinthians 12:9
  4. Phone a friend and be accountable – let someone close to you in and be honest with them

Everyone has the ability to deal with the potholes in their lives, they just need to take responsibility for it.