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Under Construction: – Jon Jarvis


We have started our new series this week, and from the very beginning the intended outcome is very velar. When the statement “You don’t have to be perfect to press on” is spoken, it is fairly clear of the aim. Come as you are!

The first in the series was an opportunity for us to look at the fact that everybody is being worked on, none of us are perfect, yet we can still press on as individuals and as a part of the Church. All that we need to do is accept that “I am Under Construction…” whilst also proclaiming that “…I am pressing on whilst God is at work in me.” This means that it’s fine not to be sorted, no-one is, but stop trying to make the outside look incredible whilst the inside is being worked on. Let’s be open to others about the fact that we are under construction. You never know how this may help somebody else. Perhaps in their future they will look back at how you handled your situation and use that as an example.

We can sometimes feel as though living in a way that allows others to see that we are under construction is a bad thing, that they will be judging you. We looked at Luke 11:37-54 where Jesus talks to the Pharisees and the Experts in the Law, the legalistic people in Jesus’ time, about how they look at and judge others. Jesus told them to stop cleaning the outside whilst the inside is still dirty. Today is slightly different, nobody around you is telling you that you can’t do something because of the things that need to be worked on other than yourself. “The last legalist to hold you back is always the one within you.” So let’s kill the legalist within us and live with a sign that says we are Under Construction.

Sunday Morning, 12th April 2015
Series: Under Construction – Part 1