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Under Construction: A Schedule of Works – Jon Jarvis


This week, as part of our Under Construction series, we looked at setting up a schedule of works and the importance that it has in ensuring any job is complete. This series is empowering us to accept that nobody has reached a level of perfection, but we can still commit to press on.

On Sunday, it was pointed out that the most annoying thing about road works isn’t the fact that they are there, we all accept that they are needed to keep the road in good condition, but rather the fact that often you can drive miles past road works without seeing a single person working. As a result, people put in place schedule of works, and “if you don’t commit to a schedule of works, you are setting yourself up to fail. Without it, the start date, the budget and especially the end date is at risk.” It’s is fine to be under construction, but ensure that these are in place in order that when others look in, they see you working, not sat back not doing anything.

The schedule of works in our lives is down to us to set. God created us enabled to decide how we want to be which means that it’s up to decide what the goal looks like. “You will be different in 10 year’s time, it’s your decision how you want to be different.” The challenge being, set yourself the end goal, set a time frame and commit to work according to this schedule.

If you don’t see how you can get to your goal, have a look at the tools God has already given you. Take Moses for example, he had a passion to help the Israelites, his people, and yet when God spoke to him and said go, Moses’ reaction was “who am I?” To see the rest of the story take a look in Exodus 4. The outcome of the story; “God will use what is in your hand to get to what is in your heart.” Don’t look at what you have and say it’s not what I need, give your desire to God, give Him what you have, whether that’s a talent, an ability to talk to a crowd, an ability to be welcoming… whatever and see Him use it to get you to your destination.

Sunday Morning, 19th April 2015
Series: Under Construction – Part 2