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Under Construction: A Body of Spare Parts – Nathan Jorden


This Sunday saw the final instalment of our Under Construction series. The teaching series has given us a great reminder that none of us are perfect and that we all have areas in our lives that God is still working on.

The theme running throughout the service on Sunday was ‘spare parts’. We have all at times, felt like a spare part, felt excluded or the odd one out. Historically The Church hasn’t always been great at making people feel included; in fact it could be argued that it has often gone out of its way to exclude people. Today church can still be viewed as a religious institution that upholds outdated beliefs and traditions, and exists only to tell people how they should live; an exclusive club for ‘perfect people’.

In 1 Corinthians 12, we see how the Church should be; that it should exemplify diversity and unity. We are described as the body of Christ and, like a body, we all have a unique yet crucial place in it. The statement made in the message was, “In Christ, there are no spare parts”. Once we understand that we have all sinned, we all need Jesus, we are all under construction we understand that Church is for everyone; a body of spare parts. So if you feel like the odd one out, if you’ve messed up, if you haven’t got it all together, church is the perfect place for you.