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Supporting kids in the Philippines

One our longer term mission commitments is supporting children on Talim Island, Philippines,
with their educational and spiritual needs.

We are now supporting 29 children. It costs just £22 per year each to buy them all the supplies
they need. The difference this makes is massive!

This isn’t just a hand-out. We agreed the following principles with Pastor Cerry (the church leader)
when we first set this up 3 years ago to ensure that responsibility goes with the funding.

Here they are:

this one














This is a fantastic investment into the educational and spiritual development of children on Talim.
Here’s an extract from one parent’s letter of application that conveys its impact really clearly –
the personal details have been removed to maintain their privacy.












Thanks to everyone in One Church who supports our ongoing mission work –
this is just one example of the massive impact you are having!

Praise God for such an amazing opportunity to serve in this way

Paul Cresswell