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September Blog

The importance of ‘Today’ worship

Exodus 15 is a humorous tale of 2 stories. It begins with a 21 verse song of praise to God for saving the Israelite’s from the Egyptians. It tells us that ‘Israel sang this to the Lord’. They were on a high! God had moved.

Then, within 3 days and 3 verses the people are reported to be complaining and faithless because they are in the desert and can’t find water.

3 Days. 3 days to go from a high to a low. From praise to faithless negativity. From YES! Lord, to Is there a Lord? From victory to defeat.

I laughed at Israel thinking ‘losers’!, and I then thought of how many times I had experienced a high in God on Sunday, and then felt defeated by Wednesday! Answer? A lot.

My encouragement is this: You need a today worship. If you’re honest – you can’t go without some form of daily devotion to God! It doesn’t take very long at all to drop your vision, lean back into fleshy responses and walk in fear/negativity. You can be flying on Sunday and crashing on Monday!

I wonder – if Israel had worshiped on day 2 and 3 also, perhaps they might have asked God for water in faith, rather than complained at God in faithlessness.

Make time for God. For his word. For his presence. make him the Center of you life, not just the focus of your Sunday. You may find yourself in a desert place with faith in your heart rather than fear…

Ps Mike