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Secret Mission 2018

Secret MissionOn 26-April we are sending a team of 8 people on mission to a secret destination. This is one mission, with one team, splitting off to two destinations; and both destinations are international locations where we have never sent One Church mission teams before. The team don’t know where they’re going, what they should pack or what awaits them at their destination. All they know is to book 26-30 April off work and to ensure their passport is valid!

The purpose of this mission is to a create a discipleship journey unlike any other. Instead of relying on their own gifts and abilities the team will have to ensure they are listening to what God is saying and being directed by the Holy Spirit. Instead of falling back into their comfort zone they will have to stretch and adapt to whatever scenarios and circumstances they find themselves in over the weekend. They have set themselves up for an adventure they will retell for the rest of their lives. And we’re confident that as they take a leap of faith God will meet them in the leap and do things only he can do. Pray for the team that they gain a new spirit of boldness over them to do the works God is calling them to do. We’re believing for stories of miracles to return back with this team as they’ve created space in their lives for God to move; and when
we create space, God can’t help but move.

The Secret Mission, departing the UK 26-April, destination: unknown.