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Pivotal Circumstances

On Sunday, Pastor Jon finished our Strong series with a message about Pivotal Circumstances, those times in life where you come to a T-junction (metaphorically) and have a choice to go down one path that will bring you closer to God, and another that will lead you away from Him or His will. T-junctions that can be bad circumstances, great circumstances, and everything in between.

The message wasn’t looking at what a Pivotal Circumstance is, but the importance of how you enter into such a circumstance. It was likened to the angle of somebody diving from a high platform and how if the angle of entry is 90°, there is barely any splash kicked up, but the smaller an angle, the greater the splash. The analogy, the better your relationship, or foundation, with God, the easier it is to choose the path leading towards God.

He invited a couple of people onto stage, Emily and Jon, who both spoke about their experiences of Pivotal Circumstances. They both spoke honestly about the circumstances they faced and how they found going through their circumstances with their relationships with God as they were; how as they focussed on Him and spoke the promises into their lives, they saw a change; not necessarily in the physical immediately, but often began to see the situation in a new perspective.

Pastor Jon finished by encouraging us with a phrase that he has used in the past, “Where you drop your anchor determines how secure your ship will be.” If the foundations are strong, when the Pivotal Circumstances approach, it won’t be easy, but it may be easier to work through.