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10 Days in the Philippines

18301344_10213143326840025_1823754906877910252_nPhilippines May 2017

The first word I’d use to describe the Philippines is hot! The second word I’d use is crazy, on account of their interesting interpretation of the rules of the road. The most defining word I’d use the describe the Philippines mission in May however, is Powerful. The mission team consisted of Nathan, Ryan, Hugh, Ann and Eddie and together, we stepped out of our comfort zones, travelled more than 5,000 miles and found ourselves in awe of an entirely new culture. Our mission: To support Pastor Cerry and his church on Talim Island and to help train and grow the next generation of young leaders.

We were struck at first by their passion. They worshipped the Lord with a resounding voice that I’m sure the whole Island could here. Next we were humbled by their happiness and their servent hearts. When compared to what we have, they had very little, yet their only focus was God and they gave to us unreservedly. We came away feeling that they had blessed us far more than we blessed them. It was a privilege to train and equip more than 60 young leaders from all over the Philippines. It was an honour to support their Crusade Youth Event, which attracted over 150 people from the village and surrounding areas. Above all, it was a pleasure to build on foundational relationships and discover a new family of friends that share the same love for God that we have.

We were proud to represent One Church on Talim and we believe that Paster Cerry will reap a harvest from what has been sown over the 10 days we were there.

Ryan Lowe

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