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@BiG_Gloucester Have a great night & congrats in advance to all winners. You make Gloucester the place it is & make us proud to be here!????
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Our Family Christmas Party on 5th December is now fully booked! ???
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Philippines scholarships

IMG_2305Our ‘tag line’ at One Church is that we are “a Christian Community that serves” and we’d like to show how your generosity in giving is impacting the lives of school kids on Talim Island in the Philippines.

We have just received a number of letters from the 29 Children that we, in One Church, sponsor by funding an ‘educational scholarship’ for children that are active members of the church on Talim.

As with all of our mission relationships, we are partnering with their church, led by Pastor Cerry Culibrina, who many of you met when he, his wife, son and daughter-in-law visited One Church in May 2016.
As this relationship has built over the years we have supported their vision for outreach in Talim in a number of ways, including these scholarships.

It’s humbling to think that we can be a blessing to these kids, links to the letters are shown below – please have a read:

Aaron     Aina     Allea     Charize     ChristineA     ChristineB     David Mark     Effrain     Faith
JayJay     John Jose     Jolly     Jopay     Joseph     Justine     Kevin     Kyla     Lenlen     Michael
Micko     Myka     Nelia     Paula     Princess     Reyniel     Rizalyn     Shaina     Steven     Tricia

We are just starting to plan two trips from One Church to the Philippines for 2017 and as always this will include a special session with these kids and their families so it’s much more than just long distance giving.

Thank you One Church – your generosity changes lives!

If you’d like to set up a standing order to sow a small monthly gift into our International Missions programme, please contact the Hub for a ‘Sowing Monthly in to Mission’ form –

For more information on our Philippines mission work please contact Paul Cresswell, who leads on this for One Church, or Kev Martin who heads up all of our Internal Missions programme.