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Personal Ministry

Pastor Mike Williams, from One Church Bristol, brought a challenge this week to us about our Personal Ministry. He told us that Personal Ministry is not just about supporting somebody else in their ministry, but is about growing yourself as a disciple through yours. It’s like learning a new language, you can spend a long time reading up on it, but you will never become completely confident in it until you begin to use it. The old phrase of practice makes perfect applies.

We wanted to look into this a little and found that the volunteer rotas from January/February show…

  • There are 275 volunteers serving in over 25 different departments
  • These 275 volunteers will be covering 1854 duties for the two months
  • Throughout January/February there will be over 6871.5 man hours spent serving

Wow! They are some staggering numbers… Importantly however, those who serve aren’t just numbers, and because of that, if you are one of those people who spend hours serving during a program to help it be the best it can be, thank you so much. Without every one of you, One Church Gloucester wouldn’t be the same.

If you’re not currently serving in any departments, or would like information about joining another department as a response to the Personal Ministry message this week, please complete the form below and someone from our team will be in contact with you.

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