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October Blog

The Heat

God uses the heat in life to refine us.

When things are really pressurized, or temptations abound; when life throws challenge after challenge and the walls feel like they are closing in; when the heat is getting near burning and you feel tested – God is trying to do something IN you, not just FOR you.

You must see this IN dimension.

You may be longing for God to do something FOR you, and that’s ok.
But also be willing to ask what God is trying to do IN you also.

Heat in life has a refining effect on us. It trains us to walk in the spirit. It trains us to walk in reliance upon God. It trains us to walk in a greater faith.

You long for things to cool down, but God may not be ready to take you out of the furnace – at least not just yet. This is because he wants you to get the revelation of Him and his work in your life.

So, ask yourself, what is God trying to show me / say to me in this heat?