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November Blog

Psalm 91.13 ‘You will trample upon lions and cobras;
you will crush fierce lions and serpents under your feet!

2 Types of enemy you will face and can overcome.


The Lion speaks of the roaring, intimidating, stress-inducing scenarios that make you want to hide / go into retreat mode. LIONS stand between you and your God given promised land. David, the writer of this Psalm, has had a revelation about Lions: God is Bigger. That’s all you and I need to know. You can trample on them and leave them in the rear view…when they roar, we PRAISE!

The snake speaks of the sneaky, subtle, wearing down, undermining, discouraging and wearying strategies of the devil. SNAKES stand between you and your God given promised land. David has a revelation about snakes also. They don’t like it when you step all over them. Like – keep walking, trample on them, crush them with supernatural strength and reliance on God. You can deal with the snakes. When they hiss, we MARCH ON!

To all the LIONS and SNAKES in my way, I am about to crush you in Jesus name, so either move or feel the bottom of my right foot.

Ps Mike