Vision & Values

Our heart is to be known as ‘a Christian Community that Serves‘. It flows through every part of our vision, and our values seek to be its foundation.

Christian: We have a living faith in Jesus Christ, expressed through our lives, our message and our example.
Community: We are united as a movement of faith, hope and love.
Serves: We will serve practically, generously and passionately.

In 2011 we launched our vision of having ten expressions of One Church. An expression could be a church plant or a community centre, a repurposed church or something brand new – but every expression would carry the DNA and values –
the things that define us as One Church. Change the container, but the flavour will always be us.

We summarise our values as:

  1. Mission – We are guided and motivated by the great commission to ‘go out into all the world and make disciples’.
    The cross declares the mission of heaven. We exist for this cause.
  2. Community – Love is the context of our mission. We value and love each other as members of God’s family and partners in carrying the vision. We are equally united by our need of grace and our responsibility to serve each other.
  3. Development – We promote the best in each other and commit ourselves to developing character and gift, all the
    while encouraging a life of adventurous faith.
  4. Connection to the Holy Spirit – We submit all our efforts and plans to the Holy Spirit’s leading and empowerment.
    We invite his presence by our humility, hunger for God and passionate worship.
  5. Relevance to Culture – We unashamedly proclaim the unchanging message of the Bible in a way that is relevant to
    our fast changing culture. We are forward thinking, creative and willing to engage people wherever they are in this journey of life.

Belief Statements: You can click here to read our belief statements in detail.

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