Joining with Us


Journey InWhether you are new to the area or simply investigating the Christian faith, we understand that joining a church or any organisation can sometimes be a bit daunting. Our aim is to help provide a welcoming and friendly path for you to walk on as you ‘Journey into One Church.’

captains_no backCaptain’s Table 

If you were ever to go on a cruise ship
then you could get the opportunity to sit on the Captain’s table. If you did imagine what you would be able to ask or find out, for example ‘where is the ship heading?’,
‘what happens below decks?’ or ‘how does it all work?’

Well our Captain’s Table is no different and it connects you with people
in the same boat. It’s a 5-Star High Tea, followed by a short presentation
that gives you a deeper understanding of us as a church; where we’re
going and how we’re getting there. You can even have a tour of the
facilities and get a peek behind the scenes.

Values FCValues Course

To follow on from the Captain’s Table, the
Values Course is a 3 week course which will
help you understand the Vision and Values of
One Church, our DNA, and how to get involved.
It is also a great opportunity to get to know
people in a friendly setting.