New to One Church – Welcome


Simon & Ally Jarvis

One Church is an exciting, enthusiastic and welcoming Christian community based in Gloucester, with other expressions growing in the local areas of Podsmead and Kingsway, as well as the village of Cam and the City of Bristol – with more on the horizon. Each expression adapts to its unique geography but contains the flavour and culture of One Church.

We are passionate about our faith. We love to sing, pray and gather together but it’s more than that; it’s about a distinct act of spiritual worship that stands out in today’s secular world. Whether gathering in church or rolling up our sleeves to assist someone in need, “we are a Christian community that serves”. This reflects the heart of Jesus Christ and offers hope to our world.

One thing we are hot on is our attempt to be a church that “makes sense”. Whilst we hang onto ancient and trusty Biblical values, we endeavour to package this in a contemporary manner. We are unashamedly colourful,
honest, loud, humorous, loving and welcoming.

So whether you’re brand new to church or maybe it’s just been a while, feel free to join us. There really is something for everyone.

You can find out more about One Church using the ‘New to One Church’ menu above, in particular, our vision and values, joining us, and our different expressions (Gloucester, Bristol, Cam, Podsmead) and our international connections.

So come and check us out, we’ve been expecting you.

Live big
Simon and Ally Jarvis

Sunday service times

Gloucester: Sunday 9:15am and 11:15am, Connect from 10:30am
Bristol: Sunday 11am, Connect from 10:30am
Podsmead: Sunday 10am