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Missions Mid-Year update

International Mission – Mid-Year update – June 2017

family2017Recently I was invited along to a 40th wedding anniversary party and found myself sat next to a dear old friend of mine from Hereford –  David a retired pastor (if pastors ever really do retire!) – who 15 years ago was instrumental in introducing me to world mission. We spent 2 hours sharing news and swapping stories about the things that God is doing around the world – connecting His Church together to take good news to all corners of the Globe…  I found myself thanking God for encouragers like David, who all those years ago invested personally into me, helping me to grow and develop.

And here we are mid-way through 2017, so I thought I would take this opportunity to update you on what we’ve being doing on the International Mission front so far this year.

Well, quite a lot really. During the first 6 months of this year we have seen One Church teams travel out to Zimbabwe, Philippines, Austria, Belarus and Egypt – in total, 7 different teams.

For me, a highlight had to be the launch of One Church in Zimbabwe. It was great to see all the hours of praying, planning and discussion finally result in the a day of celebration when 120 people came together in a temporary building in the heart of Rusape town to launch One Church in Zimbabwe. We spent the week travelling to meet and encourage One Church leaders in the rural village communities of Karikiriki and Zindoga. We were inspired by the work that these rural communities are doing in partnership with Tearfund (a UK based charity) to develop community-based transformation programmes aimed at tackling poverty by providing the tools and knowledge needed to use local God-given resources to build a better life. If ever you happen to find yourself in Zimbabwe, I am sure that you would be welcome to drop in for a visit –  Pastor Simon Jarvis will be travelling back out to Zimbabwe in August and December of this year.


Hopefully you will have seen the report from our April Philippines team and read some of the amazing stories from that trip – please continue to pray for the next team going out to serve the Church on Talim Island in August of this year.

A small – but perfectly formed – team travelled out Austria in March to minister at a Church in Graz (the home of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum – and yes, the team did pay it a visit). They found that much of their time was connecting with individuals, building relationships and providing personal support and input to a small team of Church leaders working hard to plant and build Church in regions where no other Church’s exist. What a privilege!

As Christians, God wants to grow us; develop us; make us strong useful disciples. The mission field is a great place to grow – just ask those who have been…