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Looking back on our community provision

Over the summer holidays, there’s been time to consider the amazing things we’ve been privileged to do this year as we serve the community, while dreaming about all that the future holds.

Over the last academic year, we have mentored around 35 people from the community, run 3 money management courses and a parenting course, delivered 140 hampers, run several free social events, provided Easter and Christmas parties for over 200, run at least 10 social action events and of course, provided free family activities for about 3,500 with our 250 volunteers at our beach party.

In July, having just recovered at CityFest, a small team took 60 people away for the day to Avon Valley Wildlife Park. With a bus packed, including a pick up at Isis women’s centre, all these families had a fantastic day out as a treat on us, at a minimal price that they could afford. Highlights included lots of great conversations about the difference church can make to people, and the personal highlight of Iain and Andrea being left in charge of two babies while the young mums enjoyed a rowing expedition. One of the families included a dad whose just completed our money course at Finlay School, who couldn’t believe how much money he’s managed to save since completing the course, and wants to recommend everyone to come on our course!

Thank you so much for the many hours so many people have volunteered to serve our community across the Church. We are indeed a Christian community who serves. Chances to get more involved will follow in the coming months, but for now, a huge thank you to all.

Iain and Andrea Fogg