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Letters from the Philippines

The International Missions Department at One Church sponsors a number of projects in different countries aimed at changing the lives of individuals. I’d like to tell you about one such project that has impacted the lives of many children on the island of Talim in the Philippines. We recently received a number of letters from 28 of the Children that we, in One Church, sponsor by funding an ‘educational scholarship’ for children that are active members of the church on Talim. But rather than describe the project in detail –  why not let the children tell you themselves!  You can read their letters below by clicking on each name.


Aaron        Aina        Charice Ara        Charlene        Christine        Christine B        DM      

Efrein         Jay Jay         John Jose         Jopay         Joseph         Juliana         Justin      

Kevin          Kyla           Michael           Micko           Myka            Miramirr           Nelia      

Paula         Princess          Reyniel          Rizzalyn          Shaina          Steven         Tricia


In a few weeks time a team from One Church will be flying out to the Philippines where they will be visiting Talim and meeting many of these children face-to-face.

Thank you One Church – your generosity changes lives!

If you’d like to set up a standing order to sow a small monthly gift into our International Missions programme, please contact the Hub for a ‘Sowing Monthly in to Mission’ form  –