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Begins 26 april, 7:30pm
Reception lounge

It helps to know the basics; you can’t really do much without knowing the basics. Whether it’s the basics of mathematics, the off-side rule or the perfect sponge recipe, knowing the basics gives us something to build on, something to grow into and something to use for life. And it’s no different with learning how to be a Christian; knowing the basics or the ‘grassroots’ helps us not only to get to know who Jesus is and what he can offer us but how he wants to change our lives every day.

If you’ve made a decision that you want to follow Jesus or if you still have questions about what that might look like in your life; if you’ve been coming to One Church for a week or 100 weeks, we’d like to introduce you to ‘Grassroots’.

‘Grassroots’ is an 8-week series which covers the whole spectrum of life as a Christian. It’s relaxed, informal and an ideal place for you to ask questions about Jesus, One church and the Bible with others who may have the same questions as you! We cover topics like – how to read the Bible, how praying helps us, what communion means, why do we baptise and who the Holy Spirit is.

So, if you think ‘Grassroots’ might be for you, then we would love to see you there!

Adrian & Sarah