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One Church Tots / Creche

On a Sunday during our services, we have creche and One Church Tots available.


Crèche is situated at the top of the stairs in the foyer and is provided for parents of young children up to the age of three. There is access to toys and equipment but it is the responsibility of the parents to look after their own children. The service is relayed and there is a glass fronted panel so you can feel very much a part of the service not only hearing what’s going on, but seeing it too!!

One Church TOTS logotype-01One Church Tots

When children are between two and a half and three years old, they are welcome to come to One Church Tots during church services. We care for the children until they start Reception at school and they then join One Church Kids.

Our sessions include all of the main elements as in the main church, we do church just slightly differently! There will be some Bible teaching, normally through drama or the leader sharing from a children’s Bible. The children enjoy praise often singing with actions and sometimes using musical instruments. We try to incorporate prayer into each session and try to help the children develop a better understanding of how God cares for us. Children have time for
free play and we also make good use of craft activities to explore Bible themes.