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unshakeable_logo_colourUnshakeable offers a chance for children aged between reception and year 6 to get involved in church life and have fun whilst doing so.

Every Sunday we have a team of dedicated childrens’ workers arriving early, setting up and preparing for the craziness that will soon follow. A typical Sunday in Unshakeable is fast-paced and consists of games, Bible teaching, team challenges, worship, craft and lots of controlled chaos!

At Unshakeable we want to make their time here the best way they can spend their Sunday, helping them make friends with other children and encouraging them in any way we can.

We strive to make church relevant for them and would love for you to bring your child along to Unshakeable and see how it fits for you.

We are based in the annexe and you can sign your child in anytime from 9:00am for service 1 and anytime from 10:30am for service 2.

We look forward to seeing you sometime.

The Unshakeable team