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As a church, one of our key strategic objectives is to produce strong disciples, and one of the areas that we use for this is Connect. Our small groups that meet together on Thursday nights in peoples’ homes all across the city. Connect is an amazing tool for church to see people encouraged, built up and inspired. Pete and Mary Montgomery, who oversee Connect
in Gloucester, have been working really hard alongside a team of people to create a new structure of Connect that will do this effectively.

Connect logo-01The structure of Connect is the vehicle, the vehicle carries the vision.

For a long time, we have used the same vehicle in Connect, it has worked really well for what we’ve needed. It’s been loved and well used, but now is the time that we swap this for a brand new vehicle, one that is better for the purpose. One that:

  • will carry more people
  • is thinking of the future
  • is getting ready for growth

The new vehicle of Connect looks like this:





Pete and Mary

Pete and Mary










What does all of this mean?

Pete and Mary are working with their team to oversee Connect and to drive the vehicle forward. Under that team are people who we’ve called Connect Pastors and under them we have our group MCs.

Each Connect Pastor has the responsibility of investing into two groups, taking responsibility for the groups’ well-being and help the group MCs in pastorally caring for group members.

The MCs are the leaders who will lead the group alongside the Connect Pastors and pastorally care for members of the group. These guys and girls will be leading the discussions, hosting connect nights and be the leaders who are in contact on a week to week basis.

We are assured that God loves us, He loves the people we know, He wants us to know Him more and He wants us to care for each other. We don’t own the vehicle, we lease it. So if the vehicle breaks, God will supply another. It doesn’t matter what we drive, so long as we are following Him.

Are you connected yet? If not, and you would like to discover a group that would fit you; one where you can be encouraged and cared for, have some fun and make new friends, then don’t hesitate to speak to Pete and Mary, one of our team at the ‘Journey In Zone’ on Sunday or email us:

We can’t wait to see you and help find the best fit for you.