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fresh start

Fresh Start logofresh start group has three elements of focus:
Course – Coaching – Community

Course – 8 weeks of practical teaching based loosely on the successful
“12 Steps to Recovery” used by other support groups like NA, AA. But this course is formulated to support all kinds of addictions, dependencies and bad habits. Addictions can be anything…from the often associated abuse substances to internet, gaming, gambling, shopping, eating disorders or anxiety, fear, anger.

Coaching – During the course, coaches are assigned to people that want additional help and advice on their journey. This is a key strength of the course. Coaching is not counselling, but it is sound advice on how to apply the elements of the course. Having someone to metaphorically “hold your hand” is not charity; it is not a sign of weakness; but it is a sign of wisdom and perhaps a glimmer of inner strength.

Community – Every group member has an opportunity to get involved if they are comfortable. No-one is forced to share openly in group unless they are ready to do so. Group activities and discussions during the course are a great way to forge new friendships with other people facing similar issues. Help each other as you share your progress; encouraging each other towards success and release.

We believe that God has a perfect plan for every person; perfect life plan that is better than we can imagine. So, wrapping all three elements in the loving support of the local church, a fresh start group offers a safe and confidential place for people to start working towards that perfect plan.

The journey starts here. And you don’t have to walk it alone!

If you are interested in hearing more about fresh start groups, for yourself or someone close to you, please contact directly our fresh start group manager or contact the church.

One Church is currently able to offer fresh start groups in the Gloucester area only.