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  1. Breathe Conference

    “The Spirit of God has made me, And the breath of the Almighty gives me life” – Job 33 v 4 The Holy Spirit of God is our Comforter, Counselor, The One who gives us life, restores and revives us, so why then do we so often treat Him as...
  2. Secret Mission 2018

    On 26-April we are sending a team of 8 people on mission to a secret destination. This is one mission, with one team, splitting off to two destinations; and both destinations are international locations where we have never sent One Church mission teams before. The team don’t know where they’re going,...
  3. Uprising – Summer Camp 2018

    Uprising 2018 Date : 10 – 13 August Price:  £165 Uprising is the summer youth camp of One Church. This action packed week is the coming together of all of the young people from across our One Church Expressions; Gloucester, Bristol, Cam and Podsmead. Uprising is all about empowering our...
  4. Grassroots

    Begins 26 april, 7:30pm Reception lounge It helps to know the basics; you can’t really do much without knowing the basics. Whether it’s the basics of mathematics, the off-side rule or the perfect sponge recipe, knowing the basics gives us something to build on, something to grow into and something...
  5. Snowdon Challenge

    Snowdon Challenge The Snowdon Challenge is back! Snowdon Challenge is designed for fathers and their sons aged 15-18 as a rites of passage into manhood. When does a boy become a man in our British culture? When he turns 18? When he passes his driving test? This challenge is both physical...

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