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Generous faith

“It’s the first time I’ve ever come to church and they’ve given me money!”

“Very clever. It’s forced me to think. Not just about the cash in this envelope but how I steward all my money”

“You are messing with my head!”

“We will sit down as a family and work out what to do with this. It’s very exciting”

These were some of the many comments I received after church this Sunday. We launched church in the new venue and we all immediately felt at home. The worship was powerful and meaningful and I challenged the church to “be salty” and live generously. Next came the curve ball. Each household was handed an envelope…

….if you missed it, you missed out!

If you were there, then let me remind you of the deal.

  • It’s a gift. If you need the money then keep it. Genuinely, if you are skint, then this will help
    provide a meal or pay a bill.
  • Don’t get freaked out. If you are unsure what to do, then simply put it back in the offering next
    time you are in church. No pressure.
  • Did it challenge you think of your own generosity? Then double it, ten fold it, whatever, and
    prayerfully sow that back into the church this Sunday.
  • Sow it out. Take the challenge of asking God what to do with the money and then act on it.
    For some it will simply be giving it to a needy person. Maybe use the money to make some
    cakes, for example, and make a profit. Remember to sow it back.

The secret is found in the action. A dormant seed will produce nothing. The plan is to give back whatever comes back to you. For the more adventurous, you may want to consistently re-sow, several times throughout the year. Either way, I encourage you to go on an adventure and include as many of your family as possible. What a wonderful way to learn the sowing/reaping principle.

How do I know if the money that comes back to me is from that initial investment?

If you prayerfully invest, you’ll know when it comes back in. I can’t explain it logically because its a it’s a God thing. All I can say is when I have experienced this, it is wonderful. I feel like I’m part of God’s great master plan!

Once you’ve caught the bug, it will change your perspective of money forever.  As a child I remember my dad quoting this little ditty:

    There was a man
    Some thought him mad
    But the more he gave away
    The more he had!

I guess it sums the principle up in a nutshell.

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