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Family Values Podcast Catchup Page

imageThanks for completing our Family Values course as part joining our One Church family. If you’re unable to access the podcasts on the CD we handed out, below are┬áthe links for listening online.

We hope our Family Values course helps you quickly get up to date with the ins and outs of One Church, and we’ve attempted to compile this shortlist of Sunday messages from the past few years that will fill in the blanks. All our Sunday messages are podcasted online and on iTunes.



One Word 2016

Vision Wired In part 1

Vision Wired In part 2

Vision Wired In part 3

Vision Wired In part 4

Moved By Vision (part 1 of the Moved series)

What chair are you sitting in?

Strong Disciples – Pivotal Circumstance

Strong Disciples – Providential Relationships

Strong Disciples – Personal Ministry

Strong Disciples – Private Disciplines

Strong Disciples – Practical Teaching

Strong Disciples – Intro

Welcome to your church – part 2