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This winter’s partnership with Project Beacon

This Christmas we asked for volunteers and Pot Noodles to show God’s love to those on the streets of Gloucester from December until the end of March. Along with Project Beacon, and other churches in Gloucester, teams will be heading out with hot snacks every night through winter.

This work is targeted at reaching out to those sleeping rough, and is also relied upon by those in supported, temporary and emergency accommodation. Our aims are to reach out to
them by providing a warm drinks and snacks, signposting people to agencies appropriate to their needs and creating opportunities to share the love of Jesus with those who need it the most.

The people we meet are always grateful for the food and drinks we offer, and the teams have made many friendly relationships through this project in recent years. We learn the daily hardships and issues faced on the street and make these topics of prayer among the team.

Thank you to all of you who have been involved with this project, whether you’re going out on the streets or donating a Pot Noodle or soup – together, we are bringing the light of Jesus to those who are living in difficult circumstances. We are trusting in God to bring about change and healing for all the people we meet.