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Are you a Christian or a Disciple?

This Sunday we looked at the first of five P’s, Practical Teaching. A sermon about sermons… interesting. We were given a key tip on how to increase the outcome of the preach every week by 40%… Raise your expectation. Pastor Jon looked at the expectation on different preachers around the world by looking at those who have the most downloaded podcasts: Joel Osteen, Mark Driscoll, T D Jakes and Brian Houston. What if we came expecting as much from those who speak at One Church every week as we do from those who we listen to elsewhere?

We’re not saying that it’s wrong to listen to other preachers; in fact below is a list of preachers and churches that leaders within One Church listen to  not so that you have to go and listen to them yourselves, but so that you can get some ideas, perhaps…

Simon Jarvis:

  • Andy Stanley For strategic thinking
  • Brian Houston – Faith filled inspiration
  • Bill Hybels (on leadership) – First class leadership
  • Kevin Myers, 12stone – Classic, but creative bible teaching
  • Erwin McManus, Mosaic – Creative thinking

Jon Jarvis:

  • Andy Stanley – very practical style that’s similar to what we’re trying to do at One Church
  • Mark Driscoll – modern day, no messing, preacher. If you like getting shouted at, listen to this
  • Steven Furtick – young pastor leading a huge church. I want to learn from that
  • Audacious Church – love the level of faith in their preaching

Mike Williams:

  • Tim Keller – author, pastor and legend at making complex things simple
  • William Lane Craig – a defenders class for people interested in the relationship between scientific advancements, philosophy and faith
  • Matt Chandler – preaches about Jesus like no one else I know

Andrea Fogg:

  • Dream Center
  • Matthew Barnett – (Community/reaching the most broken)
  • Judah Smith
  • City Church

Val Hayward:

  • T. D. Jakes – my favourite. His ability to challenge my thinking by breaking into the word of God and bringing about a level of depth I can only aspire to have. Inspires and challenges me and causes me to listen and act.
  • Craig Groeschel – because of his challenge to practical disciplines such as finances, marriage, emotions, etc.

Nathan Jorden:

  • Judah Smith –
  • Matt Chandler –
  • Steven Furtick 
  • Hillsong London –
  • Tim Keller –

Listening to podcasts is great, sitting in church and listening to our leaders preach is excellent, but the only way to take this to the next step and make it practical is for us to take it and apply it in our own lives. Jon spoke about a three step process. Listen  Act  Grow.

“A Christian drinks the protein shakes, a disciple lifts the weights.”