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One Church Bristol Podcast

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  1. Rebecca

    This week at the launch of our new Keynsham expression Pastor Simon Jarvis gives some encouragement from the life of Rebecca.
  2. Nailed it – part 3

    This week Pastor Mike concludes our brilliant series called 'Nailed it".
  3. Nailed it – part 2

    This week Andy Cains speaks to us about the suffering of Jesus and how He 'Nailed it' and encourages us that we can 'Nail it' too.
  4. Nailed it! part 1

    This week Pastor Mike begins a new series leading up to Easter called ‘Nailed it”   Tweet
  5. Tag you’re on it – part 3

    This week we have a challenging message from Mel Goodway completing our series called 'Tag you're on it!'