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One Church Bristol Podcast

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  1. Rest – part 2

    Pastor Mike continues our new series called 'Rest' - Finding God's Rhythm for your life.
  2. Your story – Keynsham

    Barry and Barbara share their story of God's goodness to them over the years and how He has brought them from a place of brokenness to wholeness and provided all their needs.
  3. Rest – part 1

    This week Pastor Mike begins a new series about Rest - not necessarily what you might first think it is!
  4. ASK part 3

    Andy Cains completes the series called 'ASK' and asks the question - is there a difference between asking, seeking and knocking?
  5. ASK part 1 (Keynsham)

    This week Chris Williams begins a new series called ASK - Ask, Seek, Knock where he talks about prayer and begins by debunking a few myths.
  6. ASK – part 2

    Pastor Mike continues our series called ASK - Ask, seek, knock. This week he teaches us that prayer is a way to help us develop lives that are dependant on God.