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Blog – The most important thing

The most important thing…

‘Noah walked in close fellowship with God’ [Gen 6]

Just as Ps Jon Jarvis said in his message on Rahab, Noah was also ‘counter cultural.’ The whole world was going to pot, and he was the only ‘blameless’ man around. How did he accomplish this? How did he not get caught up in the rampant sin kicking off all around him?

Noah kept himself in close proximity to God as much as possible.
There it is. His primary goal was to stick close to Jesus.

It kept him from the mistakes of others. It kept him (as Psalm 1 tells us), from standing with sinners, mocking with mockers and being counted with the wicked. It kept him from a downfall. It kept him wise.

This relationship saved him from murky waters.

This ancient man of faith inspires us to make time for the most important thing.
You see, just as with Noah, time with God is your most precious gift in life.
It will end up saving you from a sea of heartaches and regrets.