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Becoming Strong Disciples

As we start our new teaching series at One Church Gloucester – STRONG – we are looking at how to ‘produce strong disciples’.

As Pastor Simon began to introduce the new series, he wore a driver’s L plate around his neck. He explained how we are all learning to be stronger disciples. As a result, maybe it’s about time we begin to give each other just a little bit more room to make mistakes… including those who are leading us.

How do we become stronger disciples?

The ‘Strong’ series will be looking at 5P’s, as taken from the book ‘Deep and Wide’ by Andy Stanley. Looking at:

  • Practical Teaching
  • Private Disciplines
  • Personal Ministry
  • Providential Relationships
  • Pivotal Circumstances

Each of these topics will have a week, over the next 5 weeks, with teaching dedicated to them.

Click here to download a chart that some Connect groups have used to look at how you rate yourself as a disciple. This is not a test that anybody needs to see, it’s not a way to look better than your friends, it’s a tool that you can use to begin to think about what the 5P’s look like in your life. Take a look and over the next few weeks see how the chart may change.