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Austria Mission September 2016

Austria Mission September 2016

What an amazing 10 days! I had the privilege of leading a team to 3 different churches that are a part of the Life Church Network in Austria. Here is a quick summary of our time there.

To catch our flight we had to leave Gloucester at the painful hour of 2:30am! It was cold and dark but Austria was quite different. We were greeted by glorious sunshine as we landed in the mountainous region of Salzburg.

From Salzburg we piled into our people carrier and headed towards the first town of the mission: Lienz. We would spend an equal amount of time in three different towns of Austria. Our objective: to encourage and support churches and their leaders. After a few days in Lienz we would travel to Hermagor, then conclude our mission in the City of Liezen

From the word go, the team got stuck into serving in any way they could. Over the proceeding days we were involved in a wide range of ministries; Kids work, youth work, prayer walks and life groups. One of the biggest challenges we faced was having to consume copious amounts of cake… the members of their churches are so hospitable, kind and grateful, and this gratitude was often expressed via confectionaries. A challenge but never the less we persevered.

In my preparation for this mission I did wonder how we might gauge the impact of our time spent there, after all we weren’t going to help build a school or to provide humanitarian aid, so what fruit would our efforts really yield? These thoughts didn’t last long. It quickly became apparent that we were adding real value, and that God was using us to speak life into his Church.

Travelling on mission is such a humbling and eye opening experience. To see that God is building his church across the globe and to be used in the process is a real honour. Austria is a beautiful country, full of wonderful people, and that God would use our small team from Gloucester in this place is just incredible. Keep an eye out for the next trip to Austria, and book in – you won’t regret it!