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September Blog – What is God’s will for me?

A little while back there was a catchy idea that swept through the worldwide church. It involved wearing a bracelet, with 4 letters on that were to act as a reminder in all life’s choices – you remember it? That’s right, WWJD – What would Jesus do?

Now it had some obvious weaknesses, for example; ‘I need to pick a University, which shall i choose?’ WWJD? Erm, dunno, Jerusalem?.

Shall I have fish for dinner, or lasagne? WWJD? Erm, no idea but i think probably fish…or would he want to try something new?

Clearly applying WWJD to everything was not necessarily very helpful.

Now, it had some value in moral dilemma’s such as ‘ Should i tell the truth here, or cover it up?’ WWJD? Ah yes, obvious.

‘Should i watch this film?’ WWJD Ah yes, walk away.

It was a limited some-would-say gimmicky attempt to help you and I make better Christ centered decisions.

Here’s my thought: God has given us a guidance system way stronger than a bracelet. He has given us his Spirit to guide us into all truth. He will let us know where, what, how and when. His voice can be heard if we are willing to be led by him. Got a decision? Seek the spirit’s guidance. Got a dilemma? Let him counsel you in your inner man. I have found Him to be a great friend and counsellor. He won’t force his will upon you, but God gave His Spirit to you for this very reason – to lead you in His perfect Will for your life! You already have the greatest onboard guidance system in the world, you don’t need a bracelet – you have got to start switching on to Him!

Ditch your gimmick, seek the Spirit, Submit to Him, and listen well. You won’t go far wrong!

Ps Mike