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Act with kindness this good friday!

We want to put the good into good friday!

You may have heard the term ‘Pay it forward’ before. Its an old idea that was repopularised recently because of a film by the same name. The simple concept was this – that a person acts kindly towards another with the proviso of passing that act of kindness onto someone else, rather than back to the giver. The film inspired this thought – Imagine the world changing effect of kindness!

Now as Christians this shouldn’t be unnatural for us, but a way of life. We should act kindly towards all, often.

Good friday will not be the only day we are kind, but its a seed – a seed that starts something new, and creates movement. Maybe for you it could be a trigger to much more kindness, I really hope so. Maybe the receiver will receive something more than just the gift! See what doors open around you with a little kindness.

Lets all go for at least 1 act of kindness on good friday, and start a world changing movement with a simple choice. Give.