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A Fruitful Vine

Joseph is a fruitful vine
A fruitful vine near a spring
Whose branches climb over a wall
Genesis 49:22

Joseph is a significant character in the Old Testament because he teaches us that life should be seen as a journey. His story neither ended up in the despair of slavery and prison, neither in the glamour of a seemingly futile daydream. He kept going despite his circumstances and pushed into purpose. He never fully appreciated the enormity of his destiny until it flourished but he could see God’s hand of protection. The final outcome was the salvation of God’s people. One Church, like Joseph, has a vision to bring transformation to the community she serves. Perseverance and faith are all part of that journey. The final outcome, however, will be undoubtedly God glorifying.

A fruitful vine

The bible calls us to be fruitful. We are known by our fruit. Fruitful vines are well attended to, pruned and stimulated to grow. As we submit to accountable leadership, biblical teaching and Holy Spirit guidance, we will be pruned and increase our potential to grow.

A fruitful vine near a spring

This indicates the source of the growth. Our services must carry the presence of God. Our programmes must carry the presence of God. Our daily lives must carry the presence of God. He is our source, our spring.

Whose branches climb over a wall

Our vision is to bring transformation to our city AND beyond. Our expressions are simply vehicles that carry healing and hope to where ever God takes us. This is also a picture of blessing and multiplication.

I thank God for the miracle he is working in the life of One Church.

May we, One Church, be known as a fruitful vine.

Simon Jarvis