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10 Tips for Personal Growth

Top ten tips for personal growth

1. Growth happens by intent. It doesn’t just happen. Plan to grow, or you will not…

2. Growth happens downwards. People may not see it, but roots are an important part of your upward growth. #privatedisciplines

3. Growth happens side-wards. The people around you teach you all sorts of things, if you’re observing and listening. Its hard to improve when you have no one but yourself to follow! #providentialrelationships

4. Growth happens upwards. Jesus grew in stature and in wisdom – these are visible signs/results of personal growth.

5. Growth happens through pain. Some respond to life’s trials by despairing and shrinking, others by trusting and growing. #pivotalcircumstances

6. Growth happens by design. What tools are you using to aid your personal growth? Design your life, don’t leave it to chance. #practicalteaching

7. Growth happens through curiosity. Ask questions and seek answers often. Don’t lose your curiosity as you ‘grow up’, or you will stop ‘growing up’.

8. Growth happens when you make a contribution. Growing by exercising does not just apply to your biceps. #personalministry

9. Growth happens when you have vision. Your goal creates a tension that pulls and motivates you towards necessary growth. no vision, no motivation, no growth.

10. Growth happens on the day you decide to make it a priority. Why not make that today?